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Some RSS downloads get the wrong label


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Sometimes, some RSS downloads get their label set to the RSS's URI, which means that in my case, those downloads never get moved out of their holding folder, since I have this setup:

[X] put new downloads in: d:\downloading\[temp]

[X] move completed downloads to: d:\downloading

[X] Append the torrent's label

So I guess it tries to create a directory with illegal characters.

I haven't been able to reproduce this on demand since it happens rather seldom, I'm afraid.

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Hm. Disabling rss.feed_as_default_label should hopefully solve at least part of the issue.

The feature should probably be changed so that feeds without a label (whether automatically detected, or manually set by the user) should not have their URLs considered as labels (even if the URLs are used for display purposes).

On top of that, if it isn't already sanitizing the input labels for use with "Append the torrent's label" (only allow valid FAT32/NTFS filename characters and all), then it should do so as well. Aside from the backslash character anyway (that's useful for creating sub-subdirectories).

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