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torrents slowing down, and internet access going off


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I have a Netgear DG632, and a Netgear WG602 v3 wireless AP. I used to earlier use uTorrent without any problem, and on my 512/128 connection, got about 49-52kBps for every torrent. I run Windows 7 RC1 on my laptop.

For the last week, I have been trying to download this torrent, but it has been really slow. Is has more leechers than seeds, so I'm guessing that this is the problem? But, what's worse is, that the internet connection, suddenly gets disconnected, and I have to either power off and power on the router, or reboot it. Power off and on, is done since sometimes I cannot even connect to the router admin page.

I tried all the settings, and even the conservative settings, but still I'm getting speeds of only about 3-5kBps and then the internet gets disconnected about 5 minutes later.

When I tested the openoffice.org torrent, it reached speeds of 50-53kBps, BUT when looking at the speed graph with a resolution of 1 second, It fluctuated a lot between 53 and 45kBps every second. Earlier torrents were constantly at 50kBps.

Also, it seems that the torrents are more stable in Ubuntu using azureus, but I want to run uTorrent in Windows, because I can then use my other applications as normal.

I saw one several posts and in the azureus wiki link that the DG632 cannot handly 200+ connections, but in this case it cant handle even 30!!!! Is it time I changed my router? Any good suggestions for replacements?

And I've read through, and tried all the posts, setup guides and troubleshooting posts.

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uTorrent makes connections (well, UDP or multicast packets anyway) for DHT, Resolve IPs, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and Local Peer Discovery that are not "standard" peer/seed connections. It is these that "gang up" on a weak router and kill it. :P

uTP and Teredo/IPv6 connections ARE peers/seeds, but use UDP instead of TCP as well.

Any or all of these together are "hard" on marginal networking equipment...so that's why the 1st link in my signature suggests disabling them if you're having problems.

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ok.i did everything you said, and now let's hope it works. so should i get a new router?will putting the settings as per the 1st link in your signature reduce my speeds?

could it be a problem with the torrent I am downloading now?3-4 months ago(when i was last at home) torrents downloaded without a problem at about 50kBps constantly. so is this a problem with the router?

there cant be any issues with windows 7 right?also, I have kaspersky internet secutiry, but ive made a firewall exception for the ports, and utorrent.

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The changes I suggested may INCREASE your download speed...or it may decrease it. It depends on badly your router was overloaded (if it was at all) and whether the missing features help on the particular torrents you're running.

Private torrents and large public torrents with multiple trackers and LOTS of peers+seeds gain nothing from DHT. Resolve IPs costs bandwidth and NEVER increases speeds. UPnP and NAT-PMP shouldn't be necessary if you manually forwarded your uTorrent port.

Local Peer Discovery ONLY helps if there are other BitTorrent clients running the exact same torrent either on the same LAN as you or the very nearest ISP node. (such as within your neighborhood)

Many software firewalls *DON'T* work correctly in Windows 7. Maybe they seem ok for web surfing, but uTorrent is too much for them. :(

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