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DSL 20000 - Low uTorrent Speed


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First I want to say, english is not my native language. So i apologize for mistakes i will surely do in this post =)

Here is my problem:

I have a DSL 20000 kbit/s (->2500 kb/s) connection. But my download speed varies around 1000 kb/s. Is there any possibility to speed my downloads up by optimizing my settings so i can max out my bandwith?

I have 5 active torrents right now and i think they are well shared. The port is forwarded.

My Settings are:

Global max monnections: 600

Connected peers per torrent: 125

Max active torrents: 20

Max active downloads: 25

I hope you can help me to speed up my uTorrent =)

Thank you !!


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but if we suppose that is not the reason. we suppose its not the upload limiting my download. (don't misunderstand me, i upload as much as my bandwith allows)

Then could be my settings the reason i only reach half of my maximum possible download speed?

Or is it not possible to max out bandwith because utorrent needs a part of it to find/connect to peers?

Or is it my upload really the only possible reason for this.

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Other people's upload speeds may not be fast enough to max out your download...they're probably uploading on multiple torrents and to multiple peers on EACH torrent.

Even if they have 100 KB/sec total upload speed, if it's split between 5 torrents and 4 upload slots each...then that's only 5 KB/sec on average that anyone would see while downloading from them.

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Switek thank you very much for answering so detailed without loosing patience ;-)

So i think i just have to download more torrents at once or i need torrents which are better shared. (My maximum amount of torrents until today was 5)

Thanks again, have a nice day,

Greetings, Kor78

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Try not to make the BitTorrent world worse for others by starting too many torrents at once though. :P

Calculate your AVERAGE upload speed per upload slot. So if you have 10 active torrents with 4 upload slots each...that's 40 ways your upload speed gets split. You'd need 120 KiloBYTES/sec total upload speed to be halfway decent to others doing that. Reducing upload slots per torrent can help, but this will ALSO typically reduce download speeds as fewer peers end up getting much from you.

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