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Skinning guide gone missing link broken 404 etc...?


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Hey all,

Sorry if I missed some blatant flashing sign saying what happened to the skinning guide - I really did look around and used the search to try to figure it out first, but I can be somewhat blind at times, so apologies if I missed it!

Anyway... when I click on "Skins" on the top bar here on utorrent.com, and then click the "Skins Guide" up near the top right - or click "Documentation" on the top nav bar, and then click the "uTorrent Skinning and Customization Guide" - or for that matter, any other link that I could find that indicated it would take me to the "Skinning Guide" --- all of them take me (after some possible redirection) to the URL:


Which... just gives me the good ol'

"404 Error - Page not found"

Anyone know what's up with that and/or where the/a skinning guide might be found now...?


EDIT: BTW - I was able to find the actual guide itself in Google's cache of that page that gives me the 404 - so at least it used to be there, but something's not right no matter how you look at it, I'd say. ;)

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