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HDD messup


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it may be free but it is causing trouble...

i used on win xp pro SP3 both 2 versions of rel 1.8.3 and version 1.9.

target drive was ntfs, 300 GB partition N: of a sata I drive, program drive was fat32 partition J: of abt 150 GB on same HDD, OS drive was fat32 of 70 gb on regular EIDE drive D:

the program would at some point cause the HDDs N and J to mess up, i.e. it would report MFT problems, i.e. on reboot or it would crash after a refused re-check from within µtorrent. the SATA drive is 6 months old. it operated for abt a week with some pauses on µtorrent. after second messup i opened PC for better cooling.

also i adjusted µtorrent cache size to be 200 MB, yet a 3rd disaster is looming:

after the second crash, it would only come back to life after chkdsk /r from system restore console, the 3 stages of which it took 5 hours to complete.

after that, it was ok, but µtorrent torrent list was empty (drive j with µtorrent also had a chkdsk), pointing to the fact that µtorrent itself had participated in the crash.

NOW after i loaded just 2 more torrents, midway, it again is having FAT problems, i.e. it cannot find files that are in one (small) torrent directory.

while smart ppl here keep maintaining that this "is hardware trouble only, unrelated to µtorrent" i do not share that view.

it may be hardware trouble, but i think µtorrent is causing it. to me the program is faulty and ruining a basically new HDD, probably by writing fragmented data in incoherent fashion. yes i have avira, but it is not the problem. i would recommend some research to ascertain that the program is not destroying data or hardware. and i must say i am somewhat upset. cheers

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Uh, MFT corruption has nothing to do with µTorrent. You've got some nasty problems on your system if your filesystem is corrupting itself randomly.

And if your whole system is crashing out, then that definitely has nothing to do with µTorrent. You've either got a broken driver or a hardware fault. Or an overheating machine, if you have to open the case to keep it cool...

If only a chkdsk /R brought your drive back, that sounds like a classic sign of bad sectors (another hardware fault). I'd recommend scanning the drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.

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the whole system is not crashing, it is the partition N: which is currently in sole use by utorrent and as i am watching it restore "orphaned file vaughan s vegetable cookbook" to its utorrent destination, which is a small file, i also am tempted to think it could be the PC does not tolerate vegetables.

btw the pc is relatively new and so far has very few problems, likewise it has 4GB memory which i forgot above, and the files affected thus far (there are mapfiles on N as well) are ONLY those generated by utorrent. it could be also that it has a problem with ntfs, it seems to behave better on fat32.effectively i will just stop using utorrent, because i believe it is causing problems. also i "haven t had"to open the pc, but i HAVE. but thx for the comment, i just felt i wanted to point out that in my opinion utorrent seems to have some risks.

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