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speed blocked at 20ko/s


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hi !!

so as the title said !!! my speed is blocked at 20 ko/s ( just today and with utorrent only, IDM & internet connection work fine )

there are not rapport with seeders or trackers!! : when i start 1 torrent the spped is blocked at 20 & when i start another torrent file the speed of the first torrent down and i have in total speed 20ko/s!!!

in limite speed i put : illimite speed NOT 20ko/s!!

yesterday and before i download with 110ko/s

it's all ^^! plz answer


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Your ISP may have started heavily throttling uTorrent/BitTorrent.

Does this happen even at 2am-10am?

Have you set your upload speed too high?

Try the 1st link in my signature, slow speed section.

Also check your uTorrent settings -- 2nd link in my signature.

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