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uTorrent vs. Playstation3: Port help!


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Earlier today I was using utorrent and noticed that the download speed was at "0.0 Kb/s" so i figured that nothing was getting downloaded ...

dah dah dah, looked stuff up and decided to try port forwarding on my router (Netgear WNR834B v2)

found a video on youtube to speed things up as well, but one specific port the video suggested was using port 80. WOW, I think the average download speed was around 300Kb/s

But since I own a Playstation 3, port 80 messed w/ my connection. I knew that one of the ports to open for Playstation Network was 80, so one had to win.

So I switched 80 to a random 5 digit port. and forwarded it as well...but here's my question and possible solution...

Are there a few specific, favored ports to choose that won't interfere with PSN (such as 80 or 443 etc) that will work exceptionally well?

Or was I just too impatient to wait for the speed to catch up? Because currently Im using a random 5 digit port, and forwarded, but its only an average of 89-90 Kb/s. (Tops 100 sometimes...)

Any suggestions?

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