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Error: Access is Denied on a .rar / !ut file...can help?


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Hello everybody,

I just perused 15 threads about "Error: Access is Denied"; sadly, none of them solved this problem I've got.

I was downloading a .rar file.

It had no seeders for days, so I attempted to extract it in WinRar anyways, and repair the 'corrupt' files. Somewhere along the way, the 'TORRENT file' became a '!UT file', called 'blahblahblah.rar.!ut' . Eventually, I completed the download, and extracted the .rar no problem.

I seeded to 180%, stopped it...when I restarted just now, I got the Error message. I have already:

-Forced Re-Check

-turned off Windows Index for that folder

-gone into 'Properties', confirmed that 'Read-Only' is not checked (and not blue)

-gone into 'Properties'/'Security' and set Full Control for my user name

but it still refuses access.

I really WANT to keep sharing this with the community! Can anyone offer some advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

P.S. This is the first time this has happened to me (been using uTorrent for a year). I have AVG and Windows Defender...haven't changed them.

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Do you get this error message in the status column of uT?

I cannot really imagine that you may be able to repair a corrupted .rar file if the "corruption" is due to some missing torrent pieces... What was the completion level at that time?

Apparently you have ticked the box in Preferences-->General-->When Downloading Append .!ut to incomplete files. If this is the case uT appends .!ut to any file which hasn't been downloaded entirely.

When you are force re-checking what is the status saying?

My first impression is that the file you are trying to upload is partly damaged / corrupted due to your manual intervention. As a general rule I would advise you to always copy over any data file which is linked with a torrent and do whatever you want to do with the copy, not the original file(s) in the download location. This will definitely avoid many problems. :)

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Yes, I got that error message in the status column, and it was after I had messed around with extracting the (89%) complete .rar file.

When I Forced Re-Check, it checked for a split second, and immediately: "Error: Access is Denied".

Good idea about the copy... smile

Meanwhile, today I removed the torrent, Added it back to utorrent, and reloaded the .rar (complete still, of course)...utorrent checked it, but found nothing!

Why would this be? I mean, I'm looking at the full 3.4GB .rar on my drive, but utorrent isn't loading it.

Thanks alot for the reply, Blue Dragon.

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utorrent checked it, but found nothing!

You mean uT did not find the file?

If that's the problem right click on the torrent in the job list and 'Open Containing Folder'. If the file is there it should be ok if not right click again and select Advanced-->Set Download Location, then point to the folder where you put your rar file. Then force re-check again. It should work or tell you that some pieces of the file are missing / corrupt. (Have a look at the Files tab and the color of the pieces. Blue is good. Red is bad.)

If it's a problem of corrupted file then unloading and reloading the torrent will not change it...

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