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Upload speed being throttled when I reduce download limit


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Hi, I basically have a problem which i'm sure I never used to see in earlier versions of uTorrent.

When I change the properties for a particular torrent and set a download limit the upload speed gets throttled too.

An example is a torrent downloading at over 1MB and uploading at around 90kb/s, but if I put a download limit of 50kb/s then when that comes down the upload speed reduces to < 30kb/s.

I'd like to be able to set a reasonably low download limit but leave the upload limit unlimited on the same torrent. Is this possible?

The reason i'm trying to do this is to build my ratio on a private tracker.


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TCP/IP networking, which uTorrent/BitTorrent uses for regular Peer/Seed connections, has pipeline issues with slow upload vs download (or vice-versa) rates.

When you choke off the download, the uploads ALSO slow because you're choking out uTorrent's ability to receive requests for more data by the peers you're trying to upload to. :(

You can try seed-only mode using scheduler...or "don't download" under files tab for too-fast torrents.

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