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Hi guys i need URGENT HELP!!!... i lose my torrents when i restart my


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Hi guy i'm here having u huge head blowing trouble....

Please guys help me...

i've installed utorrent!!

it was running fine....

i installed symantic Endpoint protection!!

i don't know it has to do any thing with it!!!! but now when ever i reboot my pc .....

all my partialy downloaded Torrents get lost !!!!!!!!!!!!!

its really painfull for me!!!

i've a low bandwidth connection!!


and an accident like this really kills me man!!!!!!!!!

please help me out of this!!!!

Thanx HAve A nice DAy!!!!!!





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My suggestion was the easy way. :(

The hard way, besides losing everything...requires knowing as much or more about computers than I do.

Stop the lost torrents for now.

If SCANDISK does find your lost files, they'll probably all be renamed as something.chk in C:\ instead of whatever folder/s they were in. You'll have to copy them and RENAME them back to what they were supposed to be...THEN tell uTorrent to force recheck your torrents to see if the files "fit". (You might misname them to the wrong thing the first time, that's what happened to me a few times.)

This describes the recovery process further:


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