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Torrent Ratios Not Working


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Hi everyone,

Everything in uTorrent seems pretty straightforward, so I thought this would be a simple task. I guess not.

I am trying to set the up/down ratio for my torrents. I have confirmed in the Preferences panel that it is 1.50, and have clicked on the icon on the lower right of the interface and selected 1.5 (it has a check mark next to it). However, the bottom right icon also states (currently) the number 18.768. Now, I have a few torrents going, all of which are seeding. Is that just the overall up down ratio of all my torrents? If no, what is it? If yes, why didn't the computer stop seeding the torrents that met the 1.50 ratio I'd specified. This seems to have been a problem ever since I've owned uTorrent.

Hopefully there is a simple fix to this issue. Thanks for your help!

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Yeah that part does seem to be broken. I haven't figured it out exactly yet. I have a theory that the code for that only gets checked when you have more seeding torrents than connections. The reason for this theory is that it "seems" to follow the rules when I have 8 active transfers available and 5 seeds and then pull it down to 3 active transfers, the two that have met the 1.5 ratio goal go inactive and the others that are less than 1.5 continue seeding.

Unfortunately it doesn't consider those seeds that have been made inactive to be completed.

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