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Posts in Troubleshooting forum not solved but slipping down the list


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This is about the way these forums work.

I posted a problem I was having in troubleshooting, didn't get a solution to the problem and the post has now slipped to the 3 rd page. I can only edit my post, which inconveniently doesn't bump it up the forum to show there's still an issue with my problem.

I thought about creating another log in just to get it back into play but thought better of it. It seems this set up conveniently allows issues that cannot be easily fixed to slip off the radar.

So what now? I have a torrent client that keeps switching each torrent to 'updating' then it refuses to close down completely unless I end the process in Task Manager.

The easiest solution in these circumstances appears to be switching to another client, not something I really wanted to do.


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