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still DL/UL after torrent removed?


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If I click on UTorrent,

at the taskbar it is showing D:0.92kb U:0.64Kb and fluctuating up or down in speed.

I have removed and deleted the 1 torrent I had there...

what gives? Am I still seeding and downloading?

thank you..


I did do the instructed changing of bitprio first/last from false to true in advanced settings..

still mosying along now at 0.28D/0.46U

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Is the DHT network enabled? If it's running, it uses DL/UL bandwidth.

If the torrent was REALLY busy, then even if you canceled/removed it the peers/seeds on it regularly retry your ip address...which still uses a little DL/UL bandwidth each. (This is basically why having too many connections at once is BAD!)

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