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Yellow icon persists even though I have port forwarded


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I just reinstalled vista bcuz it crashed and reinstalled utorrent. I have been getting a red or yellow icon and my downloads are extremely slow. I have followed the port-forwarding advice. I have a static ip, unchecked uPnp, put my ip address in the advanced section of preferences. Still i get the yellow icon. I have also tried other bt apps and they too have a slow download. I have used this same wireless router to download a few days before vista crashed and it worked fine. My router is a belkin F5D8233-4v3. If anyone could be so kind as to tell how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated. Oh apparently the port checker i downloaded from port-forward has told me several of my ports are closed which i do not understand i have entered about 10 ports and they all seem closed even though nothing else is using them.

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