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Cut off non-responsive trackers/peers


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Hard to explain this.....but basically, let's say a peer, or tracker is being blocked by peerguardian2, would be nice for uTorrent to "ignore" or set some sort of BAN tag to that IP.

Basically, resulting in lighter firewall logs (so we dont have to deal with constant scrolling of blocked IPs).

And well, for trackers who don't like dumping the peer list (meaning, your client downloads peerlist, and some people on the peerlist arent even CONNECTED anymore), it would stop uTorrent from conencting from non-responsive clients.

Over at the Phoenix Labs forums every so often we get reports of "hits" minutes/hours/days/weeks after exitting/disconnecting from a BT network/client.

The best example I can find, is the Revision3 BT tracker (legal torrents....), they got something wrong, where I've seen BT port connections in peerguardian2 even 6 days after disconnecting from 1 of their torrents.

By implementing this feature of not connecting to dead/non-responsive/not connected peers, it would ease firewall logs, and possibly speed up the network by not connecting to dead/blocked/non-responsive peers repeatidly.

BTW, the "fix" for the revision3.com tracker, is to toggle off my port forwarding after a BT session with them :P No bt port connections show in pg2, since there is no port forwarding set up, so the router just eats the connections like a blackhole or whatever :P

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