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Speed reduced to 0.1kbps when seeds are much less than leechers


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I use BitTorrent and am facing a problem while downloading files:-

Whenever the number of seeds is <<<< number of leechers then BitTorrent client doesn't connect to ANY seed.

The download remains frozen. Only after long intervals does the downloading occur.

For the torrent that I downloaded the seeds were 0(7) and number of leechers was 78(8856). I had got a speed of 153Kbps upto 53.7% of the torrent after which the speed dropped to 0.1kbps. Also when BitTorrent connected to each peer, in the 'Peer' section the % column showed 53.7% for all the connected peers. Here none of the peer was a 'seed'.

Could someone kindly explain why the client does not connect to a seed? How can you get BitTorrent to download from a seed? by force?

Thanks in advance.


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The very few seeds there are...have almost certainly already connected to ALL the peers they care to connect to at once. They SHOULD limit the number of peers they connect to, or their average upload speed per peer ends up being extremely low. (like 0.1 KB/sec!)

All the peers don't have any more parts than you have of the torrent...and if they don't slowly increase over a day or 2, the torrent doesn't really have any working seeds. If that's the case, stop that torrent and find another one.

The 7 seeds the tracker thinks it's seeing may be 1 really rotten seed that keeps changing ip addresses...and ended up being counted 7 times. :(

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