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Issues after installing uTorrent as service on WHS box w/ webui


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Ok, maybe I'm being stupid, but I'm having some real trouble getting this to work the way I want.

I set up uTorrent as a service on my new WHS box, works perfectly fine. I can get on the box from the web no problem on any computer.

Now, am I overlooking something? It appears to me that when I add a torrent through the web interface, I have no option to manually set the download directory. Regardless of what I change in the download options, it will only automatically download to the defined directory in the options. Is there really no way I can manually pick a location to download the data to?

I hope that isn't the case, but if it is, doesn't this make running uTorrent as a service on a WHS box extremely annoying... I have a very organized collections of tv/movies/music. Normally I can choose to download a torrent straight into its nicely organized structure. If I have to always have uTorrent download files to a single automatic directory, everything is going to become a jumbled mess.

Sure, I can move the file from the default directory into its organized structure,but then how do I even seed the files after moving them? There is no change directory option - and I cannot access the uTorrent console through RDP when it is running as a service.

What's the best way to set this up, and I being stupid?

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No, there is currently no way to pick the download directory through the webui. Neither at loading nor later.

This is an old issue and is listed as a backend enhancement on trac: #2

There are a couple of valid security issues that need careful considering when one implements such a feature in a remote administration component. This is probably why it wasn't initially implemented.

P.S. I'm looking at implementing such a feature in the Webui Shell but this is probably still months away.

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