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Slow download speeds


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Hello I'm looking for help with improving my download speeds currently they are horrible =(. I just recently upgraded my router to the Westell A90 7500 series, because I upgraded my Verizon DSL plan from 3mb to 7mb package, and they had to send me a new router because the old one was incompatible with my new DSL package. Just for reference with my last DSL package + router on some torrents I was about to hit around the line speed in the 200's or high 100's kB's if they torrent was seeded/peered correctly. My current torrent I'm downloading from has 17 seed/ 49 peers atm and im getting 27-40kB's download :(. Here are my settings and line stats;

DSL Line Stats:

Download: 7616 kbits/sec (per router info)

Upload: 864 kbits/sec (per router info)

uTorrent bandwidth settings:

Max upload rate: 68

Global Max Connections: 125

Max Peers per torrent: 80

Upload slots: 5

I've tested port forwarding via uTorrent and port 10855 is forwarded properly. I downloaded the sample torrent from Slackware and its hitting near the line speeds. I'm just hoping maybe it the torrent or something. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Set outgoing encryption to Enabled or FORCED.

Disable Resolve IPs (right-click in Peers window of a torrent), Local Peer Discovery, DHT (if you don't use public torrents often), UPnP, NAT-PMP. These create additional connections that may stress marginal networking hardware and software.

While you're doing just the one torrent, try raising your upload speed slightly (maybe as high as 80-90 KB/sec) as well upload slots (to no more than 10). Once you go back to multiple torrents at once, remember to lower upload slots to only 3-6, otherwise you could end up uploading <2 KB/sec to peers and they will ignore you instead of uploading back to you!

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