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Port opened, but still says it's being limited


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Hey there,

Erm, my problem is basically that I managed to open up my port for uTorrent, and everything was going great.. But every now and again, it will still say that something's limiting my connection (The red circle with the exclamation mark icon). I'm really not too good with these internet technical things haha, but I'll try to be of as much help as I can.

I don't have Windows Firewall turned on, or any other firewalls etc..

I'm running Vista 32 bit Home Edition. My ISP is Sky. My router is a Netgear DG834GT.. Not really sure what else you need :|

I apologise for my uselessness anyhow haha, if there's anything else you need to know, I'll do my best to help.



ALSO - I'd like to add in the fact that my speed fluctuates constantly.. It'll go sky high for a few seconds, and then gradually sink back down, and it'll generally cut off for about a minute then. Sometimes, it cuts off my internet completely to the computer for a short while.

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Thanks, I'll check now and let you know.

And yeah, I've used that website. I followed the guide to opening the port, and it's done as it was done on there.

I'd also like to mention that it just seems to be with certain torrents? I tried one of the recommended ones, and I had the green icon, although the speed was fluctuating constantly, and stopped downloading a couple of times. I've also had the green icon on my current torrent for a while, and it seemed to be working fine.. I went up from 30kb/s to around 150kb/s, and it was pretty steady, but then it went to the yellow triangle, and slowed down alot :|

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This leaves only the 1st link in my signature, slow speed/interrupted internet part.

Do you notice peers/seeds actually disconnecting when you're having problems?

uTorrent's logger showing strange/unusual errors?

Tracker errors appearing sometimes?

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