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Connection Problems! Need help please!


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Hi all, i'm having problems with my utorrent, i'm running a 4mb connection with a Zhone modem, i've tried to use settings i got from someone to get a descent speed but it's not connecting properly, any advice? i'm using port 45862 and a static ip, and have most options checked, please help me.

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uhhh let's see...

Connection: -

Port - 45682

UPnp Port Mapping Enabled

NAT-PMP Port Mapping Enable

Firewall Exception On

Bandwidth: -

Max Upload Rate - 72kb

Global Max no Connections - 450

Max no. Connected peers - 100

No. of uploads slots per torrent - 5

BitTorrent: -

Everything except Limit Local Peer Bandwidth on

Queueing: -

Max no. of Active torrents - 5

Max no. Active Downloads - 4

Seed Ratio - 150%

Modem - Zhone Model 6218-12-200-0TT

Connection - 4mb (4.0 down, 650k up)

Yellow hazard icon at the bottom saying "No incoming connections"

DHT: 297 nodes

I want to know what i can do to tweak utorrent to get the most out of my connection and to configure it so i won't have problems later.

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"so that the port can stay connected"?

You mean uTorrent seems to be slipping into firewalled mode sometimes?

(Bad software firewalls can cause this...as can nearly inactive torrents.)

Depending on your torrenting habits, you may want slightly more torrents active at once but only 2-3 upload slots each. Or if you're only run 1 or 2 torrents at a time, raise upload slots to 6-10. Just make sure average upload speed per upload slot stays at least 3 KB/sec. Peers will start ignoring you if you upload slower.

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