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still learning but confused with download data


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Hi there,

Sorry bare with me as im relatively new to torrents. Also was not sure if this was meant to go in Speed Forum or Troubleshooting.

Im currently downloading a torrent whilst seeding it at the same time.

I followed the setup guide as stated in the forums, ran my speed tests and configured correctly to my limits, port forwarding was tested and is fine and there is no router or windows firewall problems.

With the file i seem to be uploading at a greater speed than downloading. My connection test came back at around 780kb upload so I set my upload to 72 which I think is fine and it seems to be uploading at the specified rate.

The torrent says that there are 74 peers and that Im connected to 11, which seems low but is not my main problem. I then look in the Peer sub window of the file and it lists about 20-30 peers and only shows download rates for about 7 of them, so even though im seeding at around 70kb im downloading at about 20.

So I guess my main question is why my downloading is so slow compared to upload and why the Peers list doesnt seem to get relevant or accurate information or should all the peers in the Peers window be giving me a download allocation?

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Each peer has a limited number of upload slots and only uploads to that many peers at a time. If you're not one of them...it sucks to be you, but that's how it works.

If you're uploading to a peer, they are *FAR* more likely to upload back to you *IF* you're uploading to them faster than any other peers are.

Raising upload slots may not be a good idea because it lowers how fast you upload to each peer. If you're giving out less than 3 KB/sec to each peer, they may ignore you. The reason for 3 KB/sec...is many other peers ONLY give out about 1-3 KB/sec to peers they're uploading to at any given moment. Blame their bad settings...but you can't change them. :(

Try setting outgoing encryption to either Enabled or FORCED.

If you're on Virgin Media cable ISP in the UK (which bought out much of the competition), I am reasonably sure they disrupt and throttle BitTorrent to some degree...which might explain your low download speeds.

Also note that if you're not uploading to peers on the same ISP as you...the links to them may be slower due to your ISP throttling or intervening ISPs throttling. :(

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