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I am very new to computers


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Hi all

I am in australia, and in a remote location and use Telstra next G wireless modem ( usb port pre paid) I use to use utorrent back in the land of land line conection and it was great, but now up here I can not get over 0.6 to 2 kb download and it continually stops to nothing for a period of time. i always have the yellow icon or red I dont know how to set router for my modem.

I dont know if I have a router built in to this modem stick ???? if anyone uses one of these things can you please help I have looked on the router list but my one is not listed, I have run speed test and averaged at a low 200 kbytes I dont know what this means I have set utorrent at 128kb.

I have allowed utorrent on my windows xp firewall.

I have a vasio laptop using xp pro service pack 2

I would love to get some form of consistancy do not expect great speed but anything would be better then what I have now.

sorry for dunb talk but am trying to learn anyone with patiance please help

Thanks leo

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