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Have I done everything right? Please check - WITH PICTURES


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I have pretty much researched everywhere and done a couple of recommended "speed up" but I am unsure if I have done it all right or if my current speed is considered slow or fast. I have portforwarded (both manually and with PFConfig). These are the screenshots. Btw, I am currently downloading 2 torrents. My highest download speed (1 torrent) was 199kb/s, usually with 1 torrent it's 120kb/s. Please reply to the following:


- Is my download speed for torrents normal, fast, or slow (shown in the screenshot)?

- Is my speedtest.com download results fast, normal or slow?

- Have I portforwarded uTorrent correctly?

- Is there any of my settings that I should change in order to increase my download speed?

I also saw this YouTube video.. I set my "Advanced" values according to it. However, that is the only thing I did. Should I also change the other values?

I have Norton. I put uTorrent as "allow" for everything.

I check on the uTorrent thing if port 55641 was open.. but it said it wasnt.. why?? even after I did all this

I changed tcpip.sys from 10 to 100

I am using Vista








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*hits with newspaper* bad dog!

By using the YouTube you really screwed things up. Go to start > run > and then enter this in: %appdata%\uTorrent

Close uTorrent, then delete both settings files. Don't manually forward and use pfconfig at the same time, do one or the other (preferably manual). AT&T sometimes gives out crap routers, go ahead and unplug that thing for a second to clear up any issues with it. Re-run speed test and then make sure you set your settings according to upload, using guides on this site. Norton is terrible, the best thing to do with it is to dump it entirely. At the very least delete all uT related rules and recreate them. Don't patch tcpip.sys! It might make your router crap out even more then it may already be doing.




Edit: Also, don't designate uT as FTP, do custom service >-<

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Do you recommend I use PFConfig or manual :D?

I am gonna do what you said and see what happens

edit: what you mean by custom service? It isn't an option in the drop-down when selecting Application Type (when manually adding a program to the 2wire firewall hosted apps)

edit2: Did I do the manual portforward correctly? Is it uTorrent, BitTorrent, or µTorrent (for application name)?

edit3: my router is perfectly fast when doing everything else itnernet related so...

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Manual. Is your icon in uT still green? Should be fine if it is. Portforward test failing while it's green?

You should see custom or new application/service, but I noticed your status icon is green so hold off on that.

Application name doesn't mean anything in that regard.

Doesn't mean it'll do everything RIGHT. The 2wire piece of **** here was droping packets to local and remote hosts.

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