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I see so much negativity on the mac forums, so I just wanted to say the newest version works great for me. (1g macbook 13' with newest software and OS upgrades).

I did have issues with the other versions, like slow downloads, missing connection and 100% CPU load. I've been using for a couple of days now, and no problems at all.

I really like the uTorrent client. Not bloated like Azureus and Vuze. Just keep it simple and stable with fast downloading, and I'm happy. Right now, I think uTorrent is pretty great. :)

Thanks guys for making a great application!

PS: I use an app called "AppDelete" to properly delete my applications, including pref. files etc. I think many people here would have less issues if they used "AppDelete" when deleting an older version of uTorrent.

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I've been using transmission for years since it was one of the only simple torrent apps for mac out there. I came over to utorrent to update my windows version for a different machine and noticed there was the mac version now. I've been using it for about two weeks now and all I can say is wow! Such a simple app that i've been wanting and great performance. I'm on a school network that closes ports, throttles connections etc but utorrent gets amazing speeds almost 4x that I would get from transmission.

A few simple features that I'd like to see are upload / download speeds over the icon in the dock, and possible growl notifications when a download is complete.

Looking forward to future updates.


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