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The two major FAILS of uT: D/O and BSOD


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I already talked in a previous topic about uT crashing Vista x64 with BSOD if onboard audio card is being used (a sys file from the driver crashes with BSOD) when downloading with uT. It remained unsolved.

The second issue is disk overload. How can a RAID 0 out of 4 elite drives can overload from 1% general usage from uT ?

My connection is currently limited at 50Mbit, that's 5MB/s. The write speed of my RAID 0 out of 4WD 1TB Blacks is 400+MB/s. How can it overload ? UT uses 1.25% of the drives speed at most.

I tried various disk.io write sizes. It did not help. I still get disk overload.

Since other clients don't BSOD and don't cause D/O, it's definitely a problem with uT, so please investigate.


Forgot to mention: when D/O happens, uT remains in system memory and cannot be end tasked by any means. It keeps accessing the HDD until the first time I reboot or shutdown the system.

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Yes, I re-check these topics once in a while.

The weird thing is that the BSODs only happen if a movie is running (even youtube) or something else that uses the audio card (games).

So the BSOD definitely is related to the NIC, HDA and RAID, but I can't figure out where exactly is the cause.

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