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Super seeding?


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You wouldn't use it if there are > 15 seeds, atleast I wouldn't think so anyways :P

You're really only supposed to use it if you're the only seed. The idea is that you want to get out another distributed copy as fast as possible rather than sending the same block to multiple peers. If you're superseeding, you should have another seed by the time you've sent 1.0x the size of the torrent (assuming noone else disconnects). In normal seeding mode, multiple clients might request the same chunk (since a lot of what chunk is requested is random) which would be better used sending a chunk noone else has.

Rule of thumb: if you're originating a torrent, super-seed it until you've got a couple other seeds, then fall back to regular seeding. Never super-seed on a torrent you're leeching.

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