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Weird Stall on one of my downloads. 100+ Seeds, 32 leeches


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The torrent stalled several days ago.

Nothing I have done seems to help.

Download is .1k - Up averages 4k

The file is sitting at 90%.

Availability is 17.68.

Ratio is .993

Any ideas? I hate to keep seeding if this is FUBAR.


Thanks to all.....

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Is it a fake or poisoned torrent?

Any other peers very close to the same percentage complete as you?

Try lowering that torrent's priority to LOW and maybe even setting upload slots to 1 and upload speed as low as 1 KB/sec *IF* you've got other torrents you more urgently need seeded.

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I guess this is f/u torrent there are approximately 40+ 'peers' with sequential IP addresses - most are sitting at 100%. The only other folk in this swarm seem to be as naive as me...

Is there any way of cutting this series of addresses off from my upload?

Thanks , and sorry that it took me so long to get back -


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