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Force re-check confused, now thinks @ 0%, but @ 98% of 62GB really


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Help! o_O

Force Re-Check got confused and now believes 0% of 62GB download is complete, but the truth is 98% of it is. Furthermore the status of the torrent after the steps that I took (listed below in detail) is "Error: Not enough quota is available to process this command."

I have been downloading a 62GB torrent, and today it was 98% complete after two weeks of transfer.

I feared I might have corrupted a couple files in the torrent using Windows' image viewer (I hit rotate and noticed it was persistent on re-previewing),

So, I stopped the torrent and hit Force Re-Check to make sure I don't upload any corrupted data.

While it was working on the re-check, I tried opening some files by double-clicking them in the uTorrent file list for that torrent -- images -- in windows' image previewer again.

Strangely, almost all the images I attempted to preview couldn't be opened by Windows Image Viewer, even though they were marked as complete in the file list (they had been re-verified by the re-check already, although the re-check was still proceeding). The only images that could be successfully opened were a couple that were in the very first pieces of the torrent.

I clicked on the "General" tab to check on the progress of the Re-Check. The Re-Check had stopped before finishing! Perhaps opening files aborted the Re-Check? It indicated that almost all of the pieces it had checked were complete and correct, and that the rest (bulk) of the torrent was undownloaded/incorrect (red in the file list).

So, I closed and re-opened uTorrent, and..

Then I hit Force Re-Check again. This time the check seemed to proceed much faster than last time, but determined that only 265 out of ~32,000 pieces were complete. Those pieces were in the middle of the torrent, but those first few files in the torrent can still be opened by Win Image Viewer. Other images initially re-verified as complete can still not be opened in Image Viewer.

The status of the torrent after this last re-check is "Error: Not enough quota is available to process this command."


How can I resume the torrent without losing the 61GB of data I've downloaded?? What went wrong here and how can I prevent it?

Thanksssss extra much :)

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Thanks. It looks like you provide a lot of assistance on here -- truly appreciated.

It seems to have recovered finally, but for the benefit of others with a similar issue, here's what's happened so far:

After posting about my problem, I did do a reboot and actually did what you describe, other than possibly Windows Media Center activity in the background, although that is to a different drive. The re-check quickly failed this way, too, with the same error, and also it interfered with access to files on the drive in general..

Possibly relevant in my setup:

- uTorrent 1.8.3

- Windows 7 RC (5/09)

- Ext. USB SATA drive

.... dedicated almost exclusively to this torrent

.... not assigned a drive letter in windows

.... attached to a mount point on a non-system partition of single internal drive

.... ntfs

- logged in as user in administrators group

Next thing I tried was running uTorrent with elevated privileges (right-click, run as administrator). This didn't help - same result. Note this step only ran uTorrent correctly (without other steps to make it) because the user I run uTorrent under ordinarily is an administrator already.

Next I disconnected the USB drive and let it rest overnight.

After reconnecting the drive, I assigned a drive letter to it. I had in mind to try re-adding the torrent using a path with that drive letter, but didn't have to do this in the end. It also seemed to need a drive letter assigned for the next step I took:

I checked the drive for errors - both file system and bad sector tests. (drive properties, click "check for errors", select both tests). There were no errors found.

I stopped all torrents (although they were on another drive) using the Scheduler feature to tell it to completely stop everything for today's day of week. Maybe not required to do it this way, but with my limited knowledge thought it most likely to stop all unneeded activity.

I did a Force Re-Check. Low and behold.... It was able to validate all but one of the pieces I had previously downloaded as correct, with no error status! The invalid piece correlates with the images I had rotated in Windows Photo Viewer.

In the end, I didn't clearly identify the problem, but the drive may have over-heated and malfunctioned (it is a laptop drive in an external, passively cooled bay and was sustaining significant activity for long periods with room temps in the 90s fahrenheit.. perhaps the re-check with other disk activity too was just too much.)

Thanks for the suggestion and anyone who read all this' time.

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