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Download Breaks when Files Moved


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Here is a bug in the current uTorrent:

If you move or delete a single file in the torrent, an Error is thrown and the only way to get the torrent to resume is to delete it and add it again.

When a file is removed, the program should be able to acknowledge that fact and either a) re-download it or B) ignore it if it has been flagged as "Do Not Download." At the very least, it should be able to re-check the files when it encounters this error and resume, which it cannot at this point unless the torrent is removed and added again.

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A. you can just stop the torrent and force-recheck it.

B. don't delete files that are actively in use. This screws up other programs as well, not just uTorrent. As far as uT knows, you have the pieces of the file to seed to other people, even if you don't download anymore of it. Don't mess with it.

C. If a file is set to "do not download", any pieces in the file will go to a single spare file uTorrent keeps track of on its own, not the file. This doesn't affect files/parts of files downloaded before you set it to "do not download". Because they were already downloaded.

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