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need help setting up for max speed


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I am running utorrent 1.8.3 I was using azrus.

I am trying to tweak utorrent to get optimal dl speeds. currently I am dl something.


size: 701mb

seeds: 123(363)

peers: 14(421)

dl speed: 25.3-27.3 kB/s

ul speed: .4 kB/s

max ul rate: 20

max dl rate:0

global max connections: 1000

max number of connected peers per torrent:200

number of ul slots per torrent:1

max number of active torrents: 15

max number active dl: 15

ratio is 150% of seeding time: 0


enable upnp port mapping: UNCHECKED

enable nat-pmp port mapping: CHECK

I also change the max ul rate to :0 when I am dl a torrent

any suggestions?

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Yes, 1st and 2nd links in my signature.

200 connections is probably too much...1000 is nuts.

Use a different port...6880-6900 were 'classic' BitTorrent ports, but often heavily throttled if not outright blocked by ISPs.

Enable/FORCE Protocol Encryption in BitTorrent settings.

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This is the new setting: I am not asking for help with a dl I am asking for help setting this up. I seem to think maybe I was having better speeds with azureus but not sure. could be how this is set up.

***********did both your things you suggested:


net.max_halfopen *1500 (in the link it says set to 50 if using the tysis thing. i have newer version gives me 1500)

peer disconect_inactive interval 300

Disk Cache:

only boxes checked are 3 sticking out (enable caching and disable windows caching. the subs below them are not).


max number active torents: 4

max number of active dl: 2

ratio-1 0




all boxes at top checked but limit local peer bandwidth

protocol encryption: enabled checked allow incoming legacy


max ul rate: 45


max dl rate: 0

global max connections: 1890

max number of connected peers: 2329

number of ul slots: 1


52500 port

enable nat-pmp port mapping checked


with these new settings i am getting of the same torrent:

123(369) seeds

23(445) peers

dl speed: 32.0-85.7kB/s (bounces alot mostly stays around the lower end.it has dropped to 12.6 for about 2 minutes and climbs a little and drops back and fourth).

file size is 701 MB I have 1h 27m left been dl for 5h 23 mn (not sure if this is the time for this torrent or all together)

***i average around 10 mb on dl and 350 kb on my ul on speed test sites

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