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Bandwidth sucker?


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I've noticed that on some torrents, I'll be downloading at about 1/10 of my full bandwidth, but it still feels as if it's taking all of it. For example, I'll be downloading a file, and it will be running at a speed of 100kb/s (my cap is at 1000kb/s) and everybody on the network feels the connection slow to a crawl. On the other hand, I could be downloading a full 1000kb/s over HTTP, and nobody even notices.

This only happens on some torrents, though. Usually where the seed/leech ratio is close, or more tipped towards the leechers. When there's significantly more seeders, it seems to happen less.

I'm not really asking for a solution, (however, if you have one to offer, of course I'll be happy :D ) I'm just curious as to why this happens. Something that has to do with how the protocol works, I'm sure.

Thanks ahead of time for the enlightenment :)

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