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uTorrent Downloads Some Files But Not Others


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Hi all,

uTorrent has been playing up for me recently.

Whereas before I would put the torrent file into uTorrent and it would pick it up and download it in a minute maximum, I'm lucky for the file to get downloaded at all now.

For example, I'll download four files and leave them overnight. When I wake up and check, two might still be at 0.00%, while one might be at a percentage (just say 32%) and the last one is done. They all have seeders and at least one track is working.

The download speed for the last two will be really low (<20k and I have 20m broadband) and it's like it only connects to one peer ever. In this example, the third torrent connected to a peer who only had 32% of the file themselves.

I've done some tests and here's some info:

- I fail the port check but I can't seem to forward my port through my router (it says something about "port conflict with other service"). My router is a Netgear WGR614 v7.

- I can't download any of the test files because I can't seem to connect to a peer. uTorrent says there's 301 seeds for the Open Office torrent but I don't connect to any of them. However, I can download anything I seem to get lucky enough to connect to a peer on.

- I used to be able to download at about 2MB when downloading things like Open Office and Rome Total War mods (no copyright violation, don't worry) but now I can only get the best speed possible from my one connected peer, whether that be 1.5kb or 50kb, etc.

- I can connect to peers around the world.

- My uploading doesn't seem to be impacted.

- I'm on Vista using the latest version of uTorrent. My ISP is Virgin and I live in London. I use Comodo Internet Security (the free one) with Avira.

Help would be really appreciated, and I'm more than willing to help out by giving more info if it's needed. I'm not an expert with computers but I'm not a total noob either, so all ideas are appreciated :)



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