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one of my torrent's have a very high ratio [explaine the problem]


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I have a torrent 59.2 mb i have uploaded 19.4 mb from that torrent and the ratio is 52.001 this is simply not possible!!

can you explaine the problem?

*utorrent 1.8.3 do very strange last couple of weeks also with the speed problems

* Also Bittorrent 6.2 very strange

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this is simply not possible!!

So it's not possible that you downloaded ~382 KB?

ratio = uploaded/downloaded

Telling us the ratio, and how much you uploaded, and then telling us it's impossible without telling us the remaining variable (downloaded) isn't very helpful in showing us that there's a problem.

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i have downloaded nothing it is my own torrent and i do only uploading

my torrent 59.2 mb and now i have uploaded 20.9 mb from that torrent and now ratio 56.008 that's means that i have uploaded 3.3 gb from that torrent?? that is not possible because i have uploaded 20.9 mb....the ratio must be +/- 0.335

very strange

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ooooh i see that the torrent 59.2 mb downloaded 383 kb and now uploaded 21.2 mb

And yes Ultima have right i have download 383 kb with transferring torrent's to bittorrent 6.2 with force re-check because it missing some pieces

I get him now.....:-)

383 kb X ratio 56.000 = +/- 20.9 mb

Really big thanks for this information

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I had the same problem, with ratio's of 499695.507, 57270.864, 31852.825 and 11647.208.

But I found the explenation!

I had to reset my µTorrent software, and after this, I reloaded the trackers from previosly.

These files (typpicaly movies 700 Mb) were allready on my harddrive, so the new installation of µTorrent has only registered a download of a few Kb after resetting.

So when uploading the ratio is NOT calculated from "upload/filesize", but from "upload/download".

And if µTorrent thinks that I only uploaded 2Kb of a 700Mb movie after resetting the program, this gives me a ratio of allmost half a million.

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