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Quota Limit options


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This may have been asked before in some form, so I apologise in advance.

My ISP has changed their accounts to Peak/OffPeak and have generously doubled the quota per month for downloading, but not uploading.

They 'shape' the whole account to 64KBps if ANY quota is exceeded.

My suggestion is to allow tracking of multiple limits which are zeroed on a specified day every month.

Other people may require more/less/different fields, but for me I need these [with examples]...

Quota Renewal : Day [18] every month.

Peak Quota [10000] MB : Shape @ [85]% to [50]KBps, Disable @ [90]%

OffPeak Quota [10000] MB : Shape @ [95]% to [50]KBps, Disable @ [98]%

Upload Quota [10000] MB : Shape @ [90]% to [50]KBps, Disable @ [95]%

There could be more 'grades' of shaping, but essentially the idea is to keep the sharing going longer by lowering the speed rather than stopping it completely.

I know some ISPs charge per MB when going over quota, so many people stop sharing until Renewal.

If implemented, this could well save them money AND allow for longer sharing.

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If you have low quotas make sure to NOT set uTorrent's upload speed max close to the real limits...even if you briefly go over, the ISP drops the 'excess' packets but may still count them against your limit! Btw, I've uploaded 10 GB in 1 day with only a ~1 megabit/sec upload line. Your upload may not be much less, assuming you could actually USE it!

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I know line speed varies greatly, and this is another reason to include these options.

The main problem is that my account is for the family, so going over quota slows everyone down, and that's not appreciated.

These options are primarily a safeguard for the unattended [offpeak] sharing times.

It's the unattended that will most likely blow the upload limit because nobody is awake to keep checking it.

It would be great to have such a simple safeguard. Not much coding required I'm sure.

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