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Did uTorrent delete all my files?


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Okay, so I reinstalled my OS. I have a Torrents folder, and I copied the old files over from Windows.old into it and set it as my uTorrent download folder.

So I didn't have the .torrent files yet, and today I went to go get one of the files only to find everything missing except a few files I had torrented *after* the reinstallation.

I searched my entire HDD and didn't find any sign of the files, even in hidden/system folders. I couldn't have accidentally deleted them since I hadn't been in the folder since I copied them. Also, nobody else has access to my computer.

So... did uTorrent delete all my files? (I'm rather upset, to say the least, considering I lost a few of the files due to a scratched DVD.)

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.torrent files are saved by default in %appdata%\utorrent.

uT erases nothing, while you asks it to delete something (data and/or .torrents).

Next time, back up folder %appdata%\utorrent plus data before reinstalling your OS. Then you can resume your downloads easily.

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I think you misunderstood...

What I meant, is that:

Okay, for location of downloaded files, I have C:\Users\Aimee\Downloads\Torrents.

I had some files in there previously, from completed torrents on old OS install, but they disappeared.

e.g. For example, one of the torrents I had (which is luckily one of the replacable ones) was a Linux CD image. When I opened up the Torrents folder, it was missing along with everything other than my new downloads.

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