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Is there any way to isolate the .torrent files in use by the client?


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I apologize for the awkwardly-phrased thread title, and what I'm sure is a silly question.

My situation is this: I am installing a fresh copy of Windows, and would like to preserve my utorrent as it is. Normally I would just copy the %APPDATA%/utorrent folder, but there are around 6,000 torrent files in there, and I don't want to bring all of them with me. I only want to bring the 1,200 that are currently being downloaded or seeded by uTorrent (the rest have been removed, but I foolishly forgot to use "And remove .torrent").

Is there any way to do such a thing? One idea I had was to close and re-open uTorrent, which would make it retrieve all the .torrent files, then I could order the folder by last access date and remove everything that wasn't accessed in that retrieval. But I can't seem to tell Windows to let me sort by last access date.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer me a tip, or just bothered to read. It's appreciated.

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I suppose this would be a roundabout method of achieving what you want:

1. Clear your Recycle Bin.

2. Exit µTorrent.

3. Make a backup copy of your entire %appdata%\uTorrent folder, store it somewhere safe.

4. Start µTorrent, and make sure Preferences > Advanced > gui.delete_to_trash is set to true.

5. Select all torrents, right-click, Remove And > Delete .torrent, then wait a little bit.

6. Exit µTorrent.

7. Look in the Recycle Bin, pull out all .torrent files that should now be there.

8. Clear all .torrent files from %appdata%\uTorrent

8. Copy to %appdata%\uTorrent the resume.dat you should have from following step 3 (preferably, make a copy).

9. Copy to %appdata%\uTorrent the .torrent files you had pulled out from the Recycle Bin in step 7.

If any of that fails... well, you should have a backup from step 3 :P

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