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Remove 1 of several files in a download without restarting?


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Here's the situation:

I am using bittorrent 6.0. I am downloading 1 torrent which is huge, and contains many files. I want to download them selectively, several at a time, to see which will suit my purposes, so I do this by selecting the priority (leaving most as "skip") So far so good. I can do this all day as long as I am only adding files to the list to be downloaded, and leaving everything already downloaded untouched.

What I want is to be able to delete files from the group that I have already downloaded, to make space to try others I have not yet downloaded. I don't want to download the whole group, or tie up too much HD space. When I delete a file that has been downloaded from the destination folder, the whole torrent cannot be restarted, and fails with an error that it can't find the file I've deleted, even if I change it's status in the queue to "do not download" (skip) and restart bittorrent.

Is there any way to remove a file in the destination folder that has already been downloaded, and continue to download more files by changing "skip" to a download priority?


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Using the Mac version of uTorrent, you set priority for files by Control-Click'ing on them under the Files tab. Control-Click also permits you to designate files you don't want to download. As Willy Wonka states in the prior topic, "Selecting Files for Download," you have to do this before starting a torrent or you will have to live with the downloaded files that are finished before you designate priorities and "no-downloads." If you want a totally clean download without the extra files, you have to delete on your HD what's already been downloaded, designate priorities, and start over.

A last point: I don't know if you'll experience this, but using my Macbook, I have to Control-Click and then specify "Do Not Download" twice if I want to skip a file. Most of the time, the first time I do that it only sets the file to "Low Priority." I have to select the file again, Control-Click again, and then when I specify "Do Not Download," the "low" label switches to "skip." A minor bug.

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