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Firewall/router porting Red Flagged


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Have Utorrent online but the flag for incoming connections is flaged Red. When I move the cursor over it it says " Firewall/Router is blocking connections".The torrent is still allowing incoming connections at a very low speed and Seeding process is blocked. I am ilitterate to most of the terminology so I went to a local tech and he Implied that I might have to set the uTorrent outside the firewall. The instructions he gave me were abreviated as follows "Open Internet Explorer and type in, User:admin password: admin, Start>Run, CMD IpConfig, idv4IP:###-DMZ Zone "Routing. I really only understand part of this so I'm not able to follow it. My Email is mycol.eniled@hotmail.com. My name is Michael at phone # 905 984-6650 in St. Catharines, Ontario,Canada My setup is Bell ethernet with Siemens 4200 modem and TP-LINK 54M wireless router TL-WR340GD. This setup works for all my other internet activity so I don't understand why I'm having this problem. If any one can Email or contact me with instructions (Detailed) I would be very gratefull. Again my email is mycol.eniled@hotmail.com Any reply from any source to tell me what I should do will be helpful. Maybe it's not what the tech told me but something easier will help.

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