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people complain about speed problem also i complain with uploadspeed


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I have an QUESTION....

I have a couple of torrent they have 4 gb they have unlimited upload speed

and why does utorrent gives them not more than 4 kbps?

i must upload 4 maby 5 weeks before it is complete by people

everything is ok and isp is not throttle my connection......

my setting are ok in utorrent....

why fluctuated everyone his upload speed?....

why this last couple of weeks????, this problem lies at utorrent and not at the people

more people complain about this do something about this problem I examine this problem already couple weeks of weeks and there is no solution

then there must be something wrong at utorrent and not at people

I am ready to give up utorrent bittorrent and everything [p2p]

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So then there must be more peers on that location before i can transfer more to them??

And again another fluctuation :o

Can you also tell me what that could be?

this is of the last three weeks before this i had no problems with utorrent


This is another fluctuation 20 min later


Here a view images with other fluctuation





This is a images after new settings are better but what are those little fluctuation that i have?

some time with a few seconds and some with more seconds




i hope that the last images also will be at day because this images have i made are at night

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i have read your topics

i change queueing and i change settings again al the day it go's in a good line and now this... :/


i change my settings again now,and it go's again in a good line , it is almost a job to keep utorrent well

when do you pay me for this? :P


I cannot invent what those fluctuation can be :|

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Notice your Debug column?

The last number seems to only be 1 or 2.

You have too many torrents running for uTorrent to allow more than that many upload slots each.

When you only have 1 upload slot per torrent, the UL speed falling to 0 bug sometimes occurs.

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1. do I have still too much torrents running? or do I have again a few torrents to stop?

here againe a few image (with settings also)to inspect i stopped a few torrent and bittorrent/uttorrent boggend down

Then it go's up and stays again in a good line..and i hope it stays good and i hope you have right..







And everytime the same fluctuation I do not get it at this moment


excuse for many images but you give me really good information

2. do i need more kbps upload ? to run more torrents because i have 1.46 bm/s for upload, and many location to upload?? then fluctuating will stop? is that a solution?

3. do I have the maximum with my torrent ???

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Yes you need a LOT more upload speed to effectively have ~40 active torrents at once.

Roughly 10 KB/sec *PER* torrent, or 400 KB/sec upload total.

Try ~10-15 active torrents at once.

If you can, save your screenshots in PNG format. JPG makes the graph VERY hard to see clearly, especially for your upload max limit.

Also, in UI settings...please check the "Show speed limits in the status bar". This clues us into whether uTorrent is reaching your max limit even if the graph isn't being displayed.

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ok then I must buy a higher Internet connection of my ISP with more bm/s

for example 6mb/s I think instead of 1.46 ~1.50 mb/s i have at the moment :rolleyes:

I do that in a couple weeks and then look how it goes with my fluctuation

now i try what you said ( Try ~10-15 active torrents at once. )and then it will be over with my fluctution

i hope so

i let you now how it goes with 10 at most 20 active torrent i try first ~10-15 torrent and if it goes better 20 torrent

if the correct question are asked there will be always a solution

I wanna thank you for this information ;)

save your screenshots in PNG format : i will do that ;)

Also, in UI settings...please check the "Show speed limits in the status bar". This clues us into whether uTorrent is reaching your max limit even if the graph isn't being displayed : i will do that ;)

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i have been looking utorrent all day long i have 15~20 torrents running and it goes well but now it is drop to 70~80 kbps and i don't no what i do wrong....:mad:

1. i have a few images to inspect also from glasnost test results:|









2. i use glasnost again and then it says in the details:


3. images with setting at the moment nothing wrong:




"at the beginning of the day "

4. why i am transferring to all and not to one person is that new?

because utorrent update to 1.8.3 i dont no.....before utorrent 1.8.3 i seed to one or two people and now to all


i dont get him...:|


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In your pictures, I see 19-28 torrents active. As I said, you'll probably need to reduce that to 10-15 to consistently have DEBUG allow you to have 2 or more upload slots per torrent.

It's ok to allow more max connections per torrent than 3, as upload slots jump around...and sometimes make it seem that they're uploading to 2 ips at once. Just don't set it higher than 10 while only seeding. While downloading, you might want it as high as 100.

Lower your current upload slots per torrent to only 3 or 4...not that I expect you'll ever reach that amount with the current settings. :(

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I am almost on the good line :D

Look at the pictures this looks good.....picture 5 minutes step i restart utorrent...and again new settings

But i thinks i have still to many torrent active as you said :rolleyes:

Butt almost on the good line......






I gonna stop some more torrent and wait what it will do......and change the setting a little bitt...

again big thanks for your help ;)


a few hours later and it is looking good I get it not better then this :D

if it goes wrong with too many torrent i stopped a few extra torrents but now with 25~30 torrent it goes good when it go wrong then it go too what you said 10~15~18 torrents...

http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/2805/igetitnotbetterthenthis.png <--- this little fluctuation that comes by new settings, i put the settings back to what it were and it go in a flat good line 169 ~ 171 kbps :cool:


i am almost a utorrent veteran

people can also learn about this

thanks a lot :cool:

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