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Problems migrating to Windows 7


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Hey guys, I'm just migrating to Windows 7 and I'm having some trouble keeping my torrents up.

I saved the entire %AppData%\utorrent folder from my previous installation (XP). I installed Windows 7 using the same username and I've made so that the drive letters are all the same too.

But for some reason, whenever I substitue the resume.dat file with the one I backed up and start utorrent, it won't load the torrents and also it renames the file to resume.dat.bad and creates a new empty one.

Would it be because in Windows 7 the utorrent folder is actually located in C:\Users\fferraz\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent as opposed to the old XP location which was not this same path?

Any help is appreciated, guys!! :D

p.s.: oh btw, substituting the settings and rss files worked great.

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Hmmm... well, I just tried beencode editor and it says "[ERROR] Failed to decode the file 'H:\Backup\uTorrent\resume.dat'"

It's weird because that's exactly the resume file that was being used by my utorrent before my format... perhaps it got corrupted beyond the point of recovery then? :(

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