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partition can't be changed


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uT 1.8.3 b15772

I got a bigger HD (harddrive).

Before I had all my D/L (downloads) on Partition E.

Now, I made a image of the important partitions and it so happened,

all my D/L were copied to Partition D.

OK - I thaught, No problem.

I can choose where to save the NEW D/L, on which partition.

Thats right ! New d/l's work fine!

But my old D/L - I can't get to them!

The unfinished D/L's or the seeding files on the old E,

which is now on D, I can NOT access them.

I copied a few files over to the new E and then it works,

but somehow I don't feel it is right.

So now my HD partitions look chaotic.

I know, its all my fault.

Anybody help?

And another thing, which is not directly related to uTorrent.

I got some files (over 3 GB) on the flashdrive.

I tried to move it to the HD.

Error message comes up, something like wrong format.

So - it can't be moved, OK, but guess what

it disappeared from the flashdrive anyway!!!!!!! ARRGH!!

Now its all gone !!

Could it be, there is somewhere a 2 GB limit ????

Thanks folks!

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