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colours in bt 6.2


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Is there a simple guide as to what the changing colours mean in the left column. I get the blue download and green complete what what do re and grey mean?

Second how does one know that the info from bt6.2 is being accurately tracked by the site you are accessing to maintain your SRE?

I have noticed that some for files I am listed as seeding my name does not appear on the seeder list on the other site, or indicates 'Inf". I assume that means infinity but the numbers do not correspond to the numbers in my bt 6.2 tracker?

New to this so just trying to understand it better.

plus my upload rate has never exceeded 50kBs total at any one time regardless of the number of files being used for seeding. Is this normal?

which is the best instruction to follow to raise that level a bit at least?

Sorry for 3 questions in one e-mail.

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