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WOOOHOOO speed problems solved!


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I followed Ultima and Switek's guides to to the absolute letter and problem solved!

Before, the highest speed I ever got was 20k, and that's if I was lucky. Now on my first download I'm hitting 500k, and uploads are at about 20k. *happy dance*

I followed the setting guidelines for 728/k in Switek's guide, and did every tweak in Ultima's guide.

Also made sure the program and port were allowed access in both my firewall AND the router.

Thank you guys you made my week :)

The links for both the guides are stickied at the top of the forum.


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I have the global upload set at 72, and upload speeds are between 25-70/k, at the high range when I'm just seeding of course, in the 60's

I've only downloaded 2 large files so far, so we'll see how it keeps up :)

Oh and sorry for misspelling your name in my post!

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