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Problems with reseeding because .torrent files are missing


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I have a similar issue as the one posted by fgarvinmp69. I recently moved my files from their original µtorrent download folders to my slave drive to free some memory space on my primary drive. All the files are intact but since I moved them, I just found out that I can't reseed them anymore. I read all the links that has been provided, especially the one for the Migrating Your Files to µTorrent page. My main problem is that I didn't save my µtorrent metadata(.torrent files) on my computer. When I download a .torrent file, I just use the "Open with" option instead of the "Save file" option. Since I don't have the .torrent files, is there a way for me to reseed the files that I already downloaded or is this a lost cause?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

P.S. Im not sure if posting my issue would be considered as a "reposting" or "thread hijacking". If it is, I apologize in advance.

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