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Annoying Speed problem


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In speed tests and when downloading from http servers (like the windows 7 beta) I get constant speeds at 15Mb/s download (I downloaded Win 7 with 1.5 Megabytes) and upload speeds of up to 5 Mb /s(usually at 4Mb/s). But when downloading torrents I get a constant maximum speed of only 230kB/s download and a good upload speed of up to 120kB/s. I tested my ISP on Glasnost, a detailed test, and everything turned out ok, everything was green and no trace of BitTorrent traffic manipulation. It does not mater what settings I have, in Speed Guide I selected speeds from 128K upload to 1Mbit, I tried downloading a single torrent or multiple (5 torrents) and every time top dlspeed remains at 230kB/s.

This happens on Linux and windows xp,7 and I turned firewall off, clean install and no antivirus programs. I really don't know what to change in the advanced settings in utorrent and I don't know if anything from there will make a difference, + I really don't understand those settings.

Sorry for long post, and sorry I didn't had time to check many other posts, but I checked the sticky ones.

Oh and my internet is coming on a cable from the pole, no router or modem, only static IP.

I hope someone can help me.thx

+I have a good PC, that's not the problem.

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I don't know all the conditions unless you tell me, so I'm just guessing. :(

What's the network topology of your internet connection?

Multiple upstream routers you cannot see?

Transparent (or NOT!) proxy?

LAN-only ip address?

Static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses?

Does this same low download problem occur with the test torrents (mentioned in 1st link of my signature)?

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Well how can I know if it has multiple upstream routers? I know that my ISP is using another ISP as its provider, one that has no coverage in my area (and I know that the ISPs servers are in another village so I bet there are multiple routers). They brought the LAN cable directly from a box on a pole in the street(from where they brought also the TV cable), I bet they have some sort of router there.

I have a static IPv4 address but I can also choose "obtain an IP address automatically" and it works, the guy from the ISP has registered my Network Adapter's physical address in his server so I can be identified.

I don't think there is any proxy... how can I find that out? Maybe I am, on this site: http://www.whatismyip.ro/ they say:

Your IP address is :

Transparent proxy : 1.1 none (squid/3.0.STABLE10)

Your Real IP is :

And yes the test torrents also get stuck at ~230kB/s download.

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One last thing to try is encrypted-only peer/seed connections.

Under BitTorrent settings in Preferences...

Disable incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections.

Set outgoing encryption to FORCED.

Disable Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window of a torrent).

If that seems to have no effect, also disable DHT (both kinds) and Local Peer Discovery in BitTorrent settings, and UPnP and NAT-PMP in Connection settings.

It's possible in advanced settings to tell/force uTorrent to use and report a different ip address using net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip ...which might be able to force uTorrent onto your "real" ip or force through the transparent proxy... but you'll have to experiment with that.

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