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Premature announcement of completion (before files have been moved)


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I have separate folders (on separate drives) set up for incomplete and complete downloads, and uTorrent announces the completion of a download before it has actually moved the files to its final destination.

As a result, when I click on the uTorrent's announcement balloon (popping up from the icon in the systray) the incomplete folder appears, showing the files, which then disappear before my eyes, so I then have to close the folder, find the torrent in Completed then "Open Containing Folder" to actually work with the completed download.

More annoyingly, if I've already clicked on the main RAR/ZIP of a multipart archive, the archiver ends up in a race against uTorrent, as it attempts to scan the archive parts while uTorrent is still moving them, and usually the archiver ends up stopping halfway through AND uTorrent doesn't fully complete the move because the files were locked, so it's a double-fail!

PLEASE tweak uTorrent so that it only changes a torrent's status to Completed once all the files have been moved to their final destination, not before!

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