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firewall ..router blocking or port not open


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hi..am running utorrent over a mobile phone setup..on good days i get some extraordinary speed numbers..double figures..other days..well...not so good .so the common problem is the red exclamation mark warning..a firewall or router is blocking..leaving me the option of switching off the windows firewall and windows screaming at me..despite the fact that utorrent is on exceptions list..or i get the yellow triangle saying no connections..?? even tho i can see busy traffic going up and down....i do port forward and it sez port not open...i dont have a router...i think once ot twice i had a green tick symbol.....so i dont know atm its running dog slow 0.1, 2.3 ,goes to 5 or 6 then back down..maybe its the airwaves maybe hang the phone out the window ..its up against all those chatty ppl..or its a pc prob...or my firewall ..port...wotever...

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