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Speed maxes out, then slows down a bit


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I have Comcast cable, and recently upgraded to their new 16-20mbps internet.

When I do a speed test at speedtest.net, the test comes out about right...~15mbps, and ~8mbps upload.

When I download any torrents, however, I'm getting a strange problem.

My download surges up to about 1.6mb/s, holds for about a second, then jumps back down to about 750kb/s.

Before my upgrade: (8-12mbps)

Maxes out at 1.2mb/s, holds for a second, slows to 750kb/s max.

After the upgrade: (16-20mbps)

Maxes out at 1.6mb/s, holds for a second, slows to 750kb/s max.

Before I thought this was due to the PowerBoost feature which I assumed just gave a quick burst of speed then slowed down. So when I upgraded I expected the max speed after it slowed down to plateau at least higher than 750kb/s, but nope...

Any suggestions? I checked Glasnost and it gave me all green lights.

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I think I can get about 150kb/s upstream, but I haven't had a chance to really test it out yet since I got the upgrade.

I did talk to Comcast reps via webchat twice last night. The first one said that my modem wasn't set to the correct speed. He corrected it and I power cycled my modem. Same problem. The 2nd rep said that I was in "walled garden" status, corrected it. Still the same problem. I don't think this is a software issue since I've tried Azureus (Vuze) as well as on several computers. I've even tried plugging in directly to the modem.

Could Comcast be limiting my download speeds for bittorrent in general?

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While it is possible ComCast could limit BitTorrent speed specifically, chances are that's not what's happening.

I have ComCast too...and uTorrent/BitTorrent can even take advantage of SpeedBoost which goes WAY beyond my normal maximums. Shame it only lasts for about 15 seconds to a minute.

That 2 ComCast techs said there was something wrong with your profile (wrong speed/walled garden status), I'm inclined to believe it's STILL messed up.

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