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What is Wrong???


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So before, I was using Utorrent fine. However, I've since reformatted my pc, but I think everything is still the same, so let's see if any of you guys can help me spot the mistake :).

1) Set up Static I.P. address (from portforward.com)

2) Set a static listening port in utorrent

3) Forwarded the Port in my router (from portforward.com)

4) Forwarded the port in Norton 360 (using guide from forum)

Each step has been double and triple checked, and I've also tried re-entering everything, resetting everything etc. to no avail. So what's my problem?

Well, first of all, the little listening port notification starts of with the yellow triangle. But, the port forwarding test that comes up when you double click and leads to a webpage says it's all good. However, after a while (5-10 mins) The port eventually goes red.....So I double click on the icon and run the port forward test again, but it still says everything is ok. I do not know what is wrong. I've even tried disabling the Norton 360 firewall but it still doesn't work properly. Please help :)


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The only way to remove the corrupting influence of Norton 360 is to completely uninstall it -- you'll probably even have to use the special cleaner app by Norton to remove "leftovers". :(

You might want to try testing without Norton but Windows Firewall enabled -- which uTorrent CAN work ok with.

Many ADSL modems *ALSO* need to be configured. Check portforward.com for your modem model!


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