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location of torrents


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dear list members,

I am downloading torrents onto an external harddrive that is connected to my laptop using USB.

Recently, after installing some new hardware, and plugging in my hard drive, this suddenly became instead of my D:\ drive, my H:\ drive.

So far, no problems. I changed the directories in the options menu to the correct H:\ drive

However, when I open uTorrent, my already downloading files are suddenly ' not found'. When i move my mouse over the error-notification, the location to which uTorrent is still trying to search the torrentfiles, is still D:\

I've tried already some things; rebooting after changing the directories, I've copied my torrents to my internal harddrive and changed the location, and then again rebooted. But still, nothing seems to work to change uTorrent to find my 'old' (i.e. already downloading) files.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Thanx very much in advance!!


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